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In the world of content creation, much like in Magic: the Gathering, the available tools and resources define your starting foundation, but it’s your personal touch and strategic modifications that truly make you stand out. At Round Table Marketeers, we believe that integrating AI into your content creation process is akin to starting with a pre-built deck—it’s a solid beginning, but the real magic happens when you customize it to suit your unique style and goals.

The AI Starter Deck: A Solid Foundation

When you purchase a starter deck in Magic: The Gathering, you’re given a set of cards that provides a functional and balanced beginning. This deck allows you to jump right in and quickly learn the basic mechanics and gameplay. Similarly, using AI for initial content drafts gives you a strong foundation with which to start. AI can generate content efficiently, ensuring that you have the necessary elements to start your content creation process.

However, just as every player with the same starter deck will have similar cards, AI-generated content that is unmodified tends to have a uniform feel. Phrases like “delve into” or “navigating the complexities of” are common and they lack the unique touch that differentiates one piece from another. It’s functional, but formulaic.

Customization: The Human Touch

The real fun—and the true test of skill—comes from customizing your deck. By adding new cards, removing less effective ones, and adjusting your strategy based on your play style and opponents, you transform the starter deck into something uniquely yours. This customization is where a player’s individuality can shine, showcasing their creativity and understanding of the game.

This same principle applies to content creation. After generating a first draft with AI, the next step is to infuse it with human creativity and insight. At Round Table Marketeers, our content developers and editors take the AI-generated “starter deck” and enhance it. They eliminate robotic language, add empathetic and engaging elements, and ensure that the content aligns perfectly with your brand voice.

Iterate and Optimize: Finding Your Winning Strategy

In Magic: The Gathering, success often comes from continuously tinkering with your deck. You play, you learn, you make a few changes, and you try it again. This iterative process helps you find the optimal combination of cards and strategies that lead to what you are trying to achieve.

Similarly, effective content creation involves testing and refining your hybrid AI + human content model: deploy your content, gather feedback, analyze the results, and make adjustments. This ongoing optimization helps you achieve the best possible engagement and efficiency.

Embrace the Hybrid Approach

At Round Table Marketeers, we understand that while AI can generate drafts quickly with little effort, it’s the human touch that makes content resonate and keeps a reader engaged. By blending AI’s efficiency with human empathy and creativity, you can create content that not only meets your business goals but also truly connects with your audience.