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Embark on Your Quest for Marketing Mastery with RTM’s Curated Chronicles

In the grand tradition of the Round Table Marketeers, we believe in arming our allies with the knowledge and insight needed to conquer the vast kingdoms of digital and traditional marketing.

Our carefully curated compendium of resources serves as your map to the treasure troves of wisdom, guiding you through enchanted forests of data and over mountains of strategy.

Let these scrolls, tomes, and tales inspire your journey to marketing valor and victory.

Scrolls of Insight and Industry Lore

Marketing Land

Dive deep into the dominion of digital marketing with Marketing Land, your compass through the ever-changing landscape. Here, the latest news, trends, and strategies are unfurled like banners on the battlefield, beckoning marketers to rally under the banner of innovation.


HubSpot Blog

The HubSpot Blog stands as a beacon of knowledge, casting light on the mysteries of content strategy, SEO, and the alchemy of inbound marketing. Each article serves as a guide, offering wisdom to navigate the twisting paths of the marketing realm and engage with the denizens of the digital world.


Tomes of Research and Revelations


Within the hallowed digital halls of eMarketer, seekers of truth will find the oracles of data, research, and analytics. These sages offer insights into consumer behavior and digital trends, crafting light from the shadows of uncertainty to guide your marketing strategy toward success.


Nielsen Insights

Consult the grand library of Nielsen Insights to uncover the secrets of the market. Here, reports and studies on global consumer behavior and media consumption lay bare the patterns of the world, offering the keys to unlock the hearts and minds of audiences far and wide.

Consult the Oracles


Guilds of Professional Fellowship

American Marketing Association (AMA)

The AMA heralds a fellowship of marketing champions, a round table where wisdom, experience, and innovative tools are shared freely. This alliance enriches its members with the strength of collective knowledge, ensuring that no marketer rides into battle unprepared.


Content Marketing Institute (CMI)

In the quest for content marketing supremacy, the Content Marketing Institute serves as a fortress of wisdom. Here, strategies are forged, and best practices are honed, providing the arsenal needed to captivate audiences and lay siege to the indifferent hearts of consumers.


Chambers of Learning and Enlightenment


The hallowed grounds of Coursera offer a portal to knowledge, where esteemed masters from realms far and wide share their wisdom. Embark on quests of learning, mastering the arcane arts of marketing, and return wielding the power to transform your brand’s destiny.


Google Digital Garage

Within the walls of Google’s Digital Garage, the spells of digital marketing are demystified. Free courses crafted by the wizards of the web await those brave enough to challenge the status quo, offering the skills to navigate the digital realm with confidence and cunning.

Learn the Spells


Social Media Enchanted Scrolls

Social Media Examiner

The Social Media Examiner is akin to a grand library of enchanted scrolls, each detailing the runes and rituals of social media mastery. Here, marketers can learn to harness the power of platforms vast and varied, enchanting audiences and drawing them into their brand’s story.


Bards and Chronicles

Marketing Over Coffee

Gather round as the bards of Marketing Over Coffee recount tales of marketing might and wisdom. Their stories, shared over steaming cups in the quiet hours of the morning, are imbued with insights that can turn the tide of any campaign.


The Moz Top 10

The Moz Top 10 is a sacred collection of scrolls, each issue a compendium of the most powerful wisdom in the realms of SEO and online marketing. Subscribing to this newsletter is akin to receiving missives from the front lines of the digital marketing battle.

Subscribe to the Chronicles


Valiant marketers, the path to glory is fraught with challenges and trials, but armed with the knowledge these resources provide, you are well-equipped to forge your brand's legend.

Should you seek allies in your quest, the Round Table Marketeers stand ready. Send forth a messenger to convene with our council and chart the course to victory.

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